How to Identify Fake SMS / Message in 3 steps

If you detect fraud, please contact Local Authority’s of Special Cyprus Detectives Agency

You receive sms likeyour FEDEX package with tracking code QS-6656-JK23 is waiting for you to set delivery click link:”

Or sms like:”Your Bank Account BOCY close your account click here”

or smd like :”You win click here to collect your prize www.winwinfakesite.fake”

sms fake cyprus bank  post office (1)
sms fake cyprus bank post office example by Cyprus detective’s agency

How to Identify a Fake Text Message

You can be like Private investigator or Cyprus Detectives Agency for you relatives or frends.

A. If you receive SMS from Bank or from Post Mail or from Another agency/business, regarding; trouble with account or /received parcel or payment for your account.

In generally if you open SCAM SMS or you click on a link from SMS, scammer will know that your phone is real, and they will use your info for another operation. (they send bulk SMS to 10000 of contacts.)

If you receive SMS or Email regarding payment or account lock or POST delivery, or another information that you are not waiting.

Go first on Official. APP like Bank and Check if all ok, or if you receive something in the APP. Check with POST Mail by calling them on official phone number from their website.

Check your Online Services from official website or APP. like Netflix / Hosting / TV etc.

Big Advice by our Private Investigators and Private Detectives in Cyprus

If you are not register with specific mobile phone or email to a Services, like Bank or Online Platforms / Services. YOU CANNOT RECEIVE Payment request or information regarding that Services.

ADVICE USE 3 emails: Try to use one email for official jobs (only official) no more. Another email for online services line Netflix, Disney etc, and another email for everything else on internet, just for spammy stuff.

Need Professional Help from Specialist. Cyprus Detectives Agency can make investigation regarding online scam / fraud for you.

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