Pre-Marital investigate your partner about his life by Cyprus Detectives NIKSANA Agencie: Identity Verification,

Pre-Marital Investigations.

Investigate your partner about his life by Cyprus Detectives NIKSANA Agencie

Pre-marital investigations are usually carried out by the families of the groom or the bride before the entire marriage process. Due to a rise in such cases, people are now becoming extremely careful before taking such long-term decisions. A marriage without a proper check can turn out to be a risky decision

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Many times, pre-marital investigations are initiated by a parent or sibling to either the groom or bride. This is due to the mistrust of the upcoming in-law. At times, these suspicions turn out to be justified as many would-be spouses have a lot skeletons in their closets

A premarital investigation typically involves locating and reviewing personal, professional, and financial information on the subject of the investigation. In most cases, the premarital background check will include:

  1. Identity Verification: Including aliases and AKAs.
  2. Criminal Records: Determining if the subject has ever been charged with or convicted of a crime, or has a history of involvement in illegal activity. May include wants/warrants search, Sex Offender Database search, inmate/incarceration records search, and more.
  3. Marriage/Divorce Records: Determining the marital history of the subject.
  4. Employment Verification: Verifying employment history and current employment status.
  5. Financial Information: Including credit reports, bankruptcies, liens, judgments, and more.
  6. Social Media Investigations: Reviewing social media profiles for any red flags or concerning behavior