How to Identify Legitimate Websites

Are you concerned that the website or link you follow might be fraudulent? 

You trying to shop online and you are not shure about a website / e-commerce?

There are plenty of ways to check if a website is safe and legal using contextual clues and online tools!

One of the easy way is to check in just quake 4 steps:

Nr1. Check if the website have ssl certificate!

example ( ) ( no http:// ). SSL is an encryption-based security protocol that helps secure connections between web clients and servers over insecure networks, including the internet. 

https-vs-https private investigator cyprus
https-vs-https private investigator cyprus

Nr2. Check who registered the site & history of the website.

You can find out all about the owner from the website and how old it is. Check on and type in the website URL you need to check. It will give you details like: name, email id, phone number and other details. If there is no data, then be careful – the site is fake!

Very important!!! Try not to make shopping from website that have 1 or to months from when it was created.

https-vs-https private investigator cyprus
https-vs-https private investigator cyprus (1)
sometimes they keep [Privacy ON]

Nr3. Price is too good to be true !!!!!

Check another online shop’s how much they charge for similar products! If you find discount like 95% its almost impossible.

If you buy a product from local market in your city / country? Should not be very cheaper than external website like; AliExpress / Alibaba / E bay etc.

The scamming website , dodgy sites are almost identical clones of one another. They both claim to sell small items ranging from electronic goods to children’s toys. But fraction of the real price.

https-vs-https private investigator cyprus (3)

Make your investigation regarding prices!!!

Nr4. Check theyr Social media presence/not to be fake.

Facebook Marketplace allows anyone with a Facebook account to buy ot to sell!

Since Facebook doesn’t verify sellers! Scammers can post as someone else and lure customers into buying fake or defective items.

Incomplete contact information / Limited social media presence / Both relatively new websites / Low rating Trustpilot rating / Lack of contact information

https-vs-https private investigator cyprus (2)

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