Complain Taxi Company in Cypru

A rude taxi driver has been caught: what sanctions he faces and where to go

Not all taxi drivers know the basics of customer service and have a sense of tact.

But there are “rare specimens” who are proud of it, and behave demonstrably rudely. But why should passengers suffer?

You just want the order to be completed quickly and without complaints. If you are insulted by a driver, you cannot let it go unpunished.

What should I do if the taxi driver was rude during the trip?

If the taxi driver is rude to you or, even worse, drove you on the wrong route, then you need to immediately contact the dispatcher.

A similar service is available in all taxi aggregators, such as their website or Uber etc. You should be officially apologized, refunded for the trip, and given a discount promo code for future trips.

YOU CAN ACCESS Complain Taxi Cyprus Page and right there your details and all information you have.

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