Investigations on business or investment fraud. Also Financial scamming regarding Insurance, company, family and harassment claims..

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Investigate cases of fraud, such as insurance fraud, financial fraud, or identity theft also background business partners check. Online transaction scam and theft.

Gather evidence, find the problem and if need, work with law enforcement to build a case against the perpetrator. Contact Detective for more info:

we have excellent legal knowledge

Apart from the detailed investigation of all inheritance cases, we have excellent legal knowledge which we provide you.

We co-operate with a group of leading lawyers who can help you cope with any problem relating to inheritance matters that concerns you.

Our long experience Investigations – guarantees your success

Our long experience in inheritance cases guarantees your interests. Inheritance cases can unfortunately become incredibly lengthy cases and their solution may demand many years.

Following all legal procedures, we can help you to quickly clear up the cloudy landscape putting things in perspective, informing you in a qualified way about what your rights are and what you can claim so as not to end up with loss.

Complex property titles, multi-heir inheritance, litigations among family members for inheritance percentages, are only a few of the factors in this complex issue. Inheritance differences can be classified both in family and court cases.

Economic Business Issues And Fraud financial

They comprise a quite complex category with characteristic features, since we all have to do with property rights, family disputes and Economic Business Issues Fraud or financial Investigations. We also have Lawer’s that Co-operate with Niksana Detectives Cyprus and Claimspercentages of the inheritance, whose solution is laborious and time consuming.

Niksana Private Detectives take care of finding court material and the swift solution of judicial cases, in cooperation with legal advisers.

We quickly gather data that helps with the solution of any your personal cases, examining and ensuring the validity of the data.

Investigations complete solutions

What we can do is provide you with timely and complete solutions to this complex problem. Our weapons are the experience and expertise, a result of years of engagement in this kind of cases.

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Answers to your questions and your concerns, solving the doubts and your suspicions.”

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