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Private Investigator in Cyprus – NIKSANA Agency by Nikos Savva Detective

–  NIKSANA – Officer Investigator Mr. NIKOS SAVVA


Pontou Street 88, Larnaca Municipality, 6027, Cyprus.

You can meet us in Nicosia – Paphos – Limassol – Agia Napa – Trodos


Licence No.: ΓΕ|0103|2016

Licence No.: ΓΕ|0103|2016

There is a world known fact that the clients that hire private investigators are in a delicate emotional state. Therefore, our investigational agency has decided that the meeting place between a possible client and the private investigator could be chosen by the first one, i.e. the client. So, if you are nervous or you do not feel comfortable for any reason to go to the investigational agency location, one of our private investigators will meet you at the location you chose.

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Our collaborators and partners in Europe

Partners Agency

Our Cyprus Detectives NIKSANA Agency works closely with our partners in Europe for various types of investigations.

Our European partner investigators, together with our team, can quickly and efficiently solve difficult cases. There are situations when time is critical, and we need to move fast to solve special cases.European Partnership it helps to gain access to new resources and expertise that you may not have in all country’s.

Spain / France / UK / Germany / Italy / USA / Lithuania / Egypt / Syria / Algeria /

Here is our partners Detectives Agency that collaborate with us, click here [ Partner LIST ]

Private Investigator Cyprus Niksana Nikos Savva
Private Investigator in Cyprus – NIKSANA Agency by Nikos Savva Detective

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